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Call Up Your Angel

Meet Angel, your real estate agent extraordinaire, blending intellect with hustle to make your property dreams a reality. Currently navigating the world of marketing at Penn State University, Angel's passion for customer service is at the heart of what she does.

A New Jersey native, Angel's roots run deep, giving her an intimate understanding of the local market landscape. With a feline companion by her side, she's crafted a reputation as a top-tier agent with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Emerald green (her favorite color) mirrors her ambition and determination, standing out amidst the competition. Angel's work ethic is unparalleled, leaving rivals in the dust with her relentless drive.

Part of an award-winning team of realtors dominating the North Jersey scene, Angel brings expertise, energy, and a touch of academic rigor to every transaction. Whether buying, selling, or investing, Angel is the key to unlocking your real estate success story.

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